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Once you finish editing the file, you can then execute the make command while in the /etc/mail directory to regenerate the new file.

The make command actually generates the file using the m4 command.

Mail sent to each of these users ([email protected]) eventually arrives at your mail server and sendmail then processes it and deposits it in the mailbox file of the user's Linux account.

Mail isn't actually sent directly to the user's PC.

As stated before, sendmail can handle both incoming and outgoing mail for your domain. Usually each user in your home has a regular Linux account on your mail server.

If the mail is being sent to another domain, sendmail first uses DNS to get the MX record for the other domain.

It then attempts to relay the mail to the appropriate destination mail server using the Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP).

The first attempt to get a directory listing fails due to insufficient privileges.

The second attempt succeeds when the sudo keyword is inserted before the command. [email protected]:~$ Now that you have got this straight, let’s continue with the discussion.