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Human evolution and computerized dating

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The committee met on 5 occasions to discuss goals, identify specific areas that required updating, and review progress.

A smaller working/writing group with a group leader was chosen for each topic.

One of the most important changes in electrocardiography is the widespread use of computerized systems for storage and analysis.

Many if not most ECGs in the United States now are recorded by digital, automated machines equipped with software that measures ECG intervals and amplitudes, provides a virtually instantaneous interpretation, and often compares the tracing to those recorded earlier by the same system.

The establishment of and adherence to professionally developed and endorsed evidence-based standards for all phases of the ECG procedure is an important step in ensuring the high level of precision required and expected by clinicians and their patients.

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A number of recommendations for the standardization of ECG recording and guidelines for ECG interpretation in the computer era have appeared during the past several decades.

The ECG is routinely used to monitor patients treated with antiarrhythmic and other drugs, in the preoperative assessment of patients undergoing noncardiac surgery, and in screening individuals in high-risk occupations and, in some cases, for participation in sports.

As a research tool, it is used in long-term population-based surveillance studies and in experimental trials of drugs with recognized or potential cardiac effects.

Indications for use of the ECG were summarized in a joint American Heart Association (AHA)/American College of Cardiology report in 1992.

Because of its broad applicability, the accurate recording and precise interpretation of the ECG are critical.