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A response to specific therapy for CDI is suggestive of the diagnosis.

Rarely (in fewer than 1% of cases), a symptomatic patient will present with ileus and colonic distension with minimal or no diarrhea.

In addition to diagnosis and management, recommended methods of infection control and environmental management of the pathogen are presented.

The recommendations are based on the best available evidence and practices, as determined by a joint Expert Panel appointed by SHEA and the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) (the SHEA‐IDSA Expert Panel).

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In such cases, it is important to communicate to the laboratory the necessity to do a toxin assay or culture for The vast majority of anaerobic infections arise from endogenous sources.

Cases often appear in clusters and outbreaks within institutions.

infection had received antimicrobials within the 14 days before the onset of diarrhea and that all had received an antimicrobial within the previous 3 months.

The searches of the English‐language literature from 1994 through April 2009 used the terms “In evaluating the evidence regarding the management of CDI, the Expert Panel followed a process used in the development of other SHEA‐IDSA guidelines.

The process included a systematic weighting of the quality of the evidence and the strength of each recommendation (Table 1).