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I think you could do other material about Tim Ferrissing your love life, that would be even more useful.

For example:1) Overcome your fears.2) Get out of your comfort zone.3) Be proactive about meeting people who share your interests.4) Actively brainstorm solutions (e.g.

Considering I don't drink and rarely go out to bars and clubs now its even more difficult.

So I plan on trying something like this within the year. even in online dating normally some form of rapport would need to be created in order to get to the point of even a mini-date (at least in my experience).

But never mind, you give us inspiration and that is what counts. Nice...perfect solution to the "meeting people" dilemma of dating. Within the past 6 months I quit my job and traveled in Australia for 2 months.

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If you examine even his most innocuous videos, you can see that it's the latter. I needed it while I am sitting here cramming for an online test tonight. If you ever make it to Vegas, I'll go out on a date with ya ;) this was a delightful section of the full video-thanks for makin it bite size Tim ;) on another note I couldn't help google "man jose". I've written extensively about my own strategies on my blog.

Although he did do a lot of earlobe fondling, but maybe it was some secret code. This reminds me of an email I got from Urban Daddy the other week about a company that does this for you. that's hilarious and apparently it's stocked with 17% more males. Please check out my blog and let me know what you think - I'd greatly appreciate your input!

maybe I should check it out as I do enjoy the boys ;) and it is beautiful country too. I'm going to talk about this to everyone I know doing online dating..I could ask one question, it would be how much did it cost to do it, and how much time did you spend writing the proposals and specifications? Russ Ruggles Hey Tim, I thought this was really interesting.

At first I was surprised and kind of offended by the number of "canned" e-mails I would get from the same guys (not realizing it I was the same girl.) However, I received a few highly effective canned emails (effective the first time I got them anyway) and now actually think it is smart for guys to play the numbers game and not waste their time on long, personal first emails to girls who may not even be interested. create a good "canned" email that can be sent to several people and easily responded to without the person recognizing it is a standard email sent to everyone. That entire how to not kill yourself blogging talk was excellent all around!

Funny thing is I think its a great idea, the more projects I get involved in the less time I have for things like meeting women.