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Also in another episode Donna mentions she got a job by "tying her shirt up in one of those sexy knots", to which Hyde mentions, "Jackie does that. " She also like to dress in revealing clothes to show off her figure.Donna Pinciotti During the first season, Jackie is in her sophomore year of high school, making her approximately 15 years old.Jackie, according to Eric, makes fun of "us (he and Donna), fat girls, or me".During the course of the series, Jackie becomes an integral part of the "gang" and is considered a friend in her own right, as opposed to because of who she is with. Early on, Red remarked she was the favorite of Eric's friends (even though she is not Eric's friend) for her ability to hold a flashlight on a car. Foreman's arms no less than three times, all of which he objected to.They became even less fond of each other when Eric blackmailed her (for kissing the cheese guy), and Eric continued to dislike her.They did have their moments, such as when Eric convinces Jackie she is right for Kelso (ironically, they break up soon after), and when he stands up to comfort her after she ends her relationship with Kelso.Jackie gets on Kelso's friends' nerves on a daily basis and Kelso repeatedly said that he was going to break up with her.

However, in light of Red's doting relationship with Laurie and his tendency to side with Donna over Eric, and also how much he cares and tries keeping Kitty happy, it could be argued that he simply has a soft spot for women.

These gradual changes make her character develop a defined character arc.

However, she still heavily keeps part of her valley girl persona intact and she still looks at herself as the personification of what a woman should be.

She appoints herself Donna Pinciotti's best friend.

Due to her extreme haughtiness, Jackie believes Donna is unattractive compared to herself, and also kinda boring - but as she states in numerous episodes, she believes Donna could do much better than Eric (though in the Season 7 finale, Jackie reveals that she has always cared for Eric as a friend, as Jackie calls to talk to Eric specifically for the first time ever).