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I can’t host this time,” if she says no, you can’t pry or try to talk her into it, or use the fact that Eve’s cousins come over to their house regularly as a reason your daughter should, too.

The most you can do is decide your own boundaries with Eve’s mom.

It also seems like she is doing me a favor by allowing her daughter over. Any advice on how to make this a bit more even and fair? One is that you do not have to “always say yes” when Eve’s mother asks you to babysit at the last minute. Yes, your daughter loves Eve, but it also sounds like your daughter gets to see Eve all the time.

Your daughter is in no danger of an imminent Eve deficiency, and you’re rapidly approaching total burnout.

I have extensive experience in home renovation since I worked for my uncle flipping houses in college.

I worked on that kitchen every day—I was even able to update her cabinets cheaply with finds from a charity store. I run and asked Clara if I could use the tub after the kids had gone to bed.

I think you should show the messages to your boyfriend, especially because you’re already sure he’ll back you up.

You simply don’t know Eve’s home situation, and while you can certainly say to Eve’s mom, “Would it be all right if the girls played at your house next week?

) performed an extremely generous favor, and it was not inappropriate for you to ask if you could use her bathroom to clean yourself up after spending all day remodeling her kitchen.

Clara was astonishingly rude to say “Yes” to your request, then complain about the fact that you needed to get clean after a day of refurbishing her house for free.

She was texting her other sisters about what a horrid houseguest I was. I thought my boyfriend’s family had been warming up to me.

I obviously was “raised in a barn” because who takes baths every night in a stranger’s house? I come from a very different background than him and I know my boyfriend has had fights with them over me. Clara has bragged about my kitchen remodel on social media but didn’t mention my name.