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Two-thirds (66%) of girls with un-met online friends say that they have social network friends who have no connection to any of their online or offline friends – 42% of boys with un-met friends say that at least some of their social networking friends are totally unconnected with other online or offline friends.Most of the difference between boys and girls comes from the older girls (ages 15-17) in this group, of whom 72% say they have friends online who they have not met who are not connected to other online or offline friends.Nearly half of social network-using older teen boys (47%) have friends in their social network who they have never met.For older girls, only 28% report having people they have never met in their networks.Teens use social networks for the creation and the maintenance of friendships.

One middle school-aged girl told us “My friends will have friends that I don’t know.

You might like how they look or something like that.” And for some teens, high school-aged boys in particular, it is a way to meet and approach potential romantic partners.

One high school boy said, “Yes, like if you’re just on there and you’re looking through and you see a good-looking girl on there and she wants to be my friend and you accept!

Teens from middle and lower income families were more likely to say that they use the sites to make new friends than higher income teens.

A bit more than a third (37%) of teens from households earning more than ,000 annually said they used social networks to make new friends, compared with 57% of teens from families earning less than ,000 annually.