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The same is true of Stirling, Young, Lloyd and Maynard: of Buxton and Winterton: of Ross, Stent and Siddons: of Peake, Homby, Scott-Higgins and Garland: of Wordie, Bennett and Mac Indoe: of Bassett, Scott, Goslett, Wood and Gray: of Hinde, Spence and Bright: of Brodie and Pascoe, Gilman and Grisenthwaite, Greenhill, Dowsett and Wade: of Henderson, Leeson, Makins and Nunan. Cranwell, 15.8.26 CONTENTS INTRODUCTORY CHAPTER INTRODUCTION. We were three years over this effort and I have had to hold back many things which may not yet be said.And there were many other leaders or lonely fighters to whom this self-regardant picture is not fair. Even so, parts of this book will be new to nearly all who see it, and many will look for familiar things and not find them. Unfortunately my concern was limited to this end, and the book is just a designed procession of Arab freedom from Mecca to Damascus. They were but wonderful, especially when it is taken into account that they had not the motive, the imaginative vision of the end, which sustained officers. It is filled with trivial things, partly that no one mistake for history the bones from which some day a man may make history, and partly for the pleasure it gave me to recall the fellowship of the revolt. Ghadir Osman, on the return journey from Ais to Wejh. Here are no lessons for the world, no disclosures to shock peoples.

The book so written passed in 1921 into proof; where it was fortunate in the friends who criticized it. My superior officers, Wilson, Joyce, Dawnay, Newcombe and Davenport could each tell a like tale. All our subject provinces to me were not worth one dead Englishman.

The moral freshness of the world-to-be intoxicated us.

We were fond together, because of the sweep of the open places, the taste of wide winds, the sunlight, and the hopes in which we worked.

The record of events was not dulled in me and perhaps few actual mistakes crept in--except in details of dates or numbers--but the outlines and significance of things had lost edge in the haze of new interests.

So it was built again with heavy repugnance in London in the winter of 1919-20 from memory and my surviving notes.